Gentle, patient, with a strong sense of responsibility...

Avrora is a beautiful golden colour which, along with her sweet personality, draws people to her. A very pretty girl, wherever she goes people stop to admire her looks. Beautiful movement with strong structure gives our girl a lovely square conformation.

Avrora is the mother of our group. Calm, loving, gentle and patient, she possesses a strong sense of responsibility for those around her. Quick to rescue people from our pool, even though one does not need rescuing when swimming underwater, or to fetch the vacuum pool hose to the side of the pool, Avrora feels the urge to help. She is a lover by nature and thus has never met anyone she does not instantly include in her favourite peoples' group. While she loves you intently, she is very appreciative of any cuddles you should feel so inclined to share with her. When walking down the back lane she alternates her time by standing in front of you asking for a cuddle and then running ahead, in joy, only to throw herself to the ground to roll in the long grass.

Obedient, we can always count on her to come when called and to sit patiently for any treats coming her way. While the other two girls will dash to the nearest puddle to lather themselves in mud, Avrora can be counted on to enter the house without the trappings of mud. She does not subscribe to the same mud bath routine which her friends do; that is greatly appreciated! However, while she is not into mud and puddles, Avrora loves to swim. She will stand in the bay at our cottage ready for a ball to be tossed into the river or to engage in a swimming race. She spends happy hours down at the docks paddling about the shore line or swimming out to fetch sticks or people. At home, after a walk down the back lane she will line up with the others at the pool gate hoping we will open the gate and let them in. Once in the pool, it is difficult to get her out.

Fact Sheet
Height: 21"
Weight: 58.4 pounds
Colour: Gold
Ancestry: Russian
Birthday: July 31, 2013
AKC Registered:Registered in Russia
OFA Hip: Preliminary (17 months) - A or Excellent
OFA Elbow Dysplasia: Preliminary (17 months) - Normal
OFA Eye: Normal 12/02/2014
OFA Eye certification 2015: Clear 2016
Optigen PRCD Mutation Test for PRA: Clear by Parentage
OFA Heart: Clear
Sire: CH J Rus, CH RKF, CW, HD-A, ED-O Jako's Kings Copy (Champion and Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of the Russian Kennel Federation) PRA 1 clear

Dam: Tramin La Vie En Rose - Daughter of International Champion Tramin Magellan (Champion of Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania and Russia). Daughter of International Champion Tramin Apple Juice (Champion of Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria and the Ukranian Winner in '04) prcd-PRA clear and PRA1 clear