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We are a small breeding facility about 20 minutes Southwest of London and about 20 minutes West of St. Thomas, tucked away in the beautiful countryside of Fingal, Ontario.

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Trained puppies will be available the end of January. Parents are fully health tested complete with DNA testing and yearly OFA eye certifications, have incredible temperaments and are beautiful examples of their breeds. Behaviours taught: house trained, crate trained, know their commands such as sit, down,recall, stay, be mat trained, nipping/mouthing, be well socialized with other people, animals, and environment, walk on a leash.

There will be a closed Facebook group for owners to watch their puppy progress along with a written report and video weekly. There will be a two month support group, with the trainers, after the pup goes home.




About Us

Country House Doodles is a premier breeder of Goldendoodles, a hybrid of Golden Retrievers and Poodles...

Our Puppies

Our puppies are the offspring of championship breeding dogs, renowned for their looks, intelligence and temperament...

The Breed

Goldendoodles are known for their playful, social and intelligent behaviour, and make the perfect family pet. We raise only...


We are a small breeding facility about 20 minutes Southwest of London, and 20 minutes West of St. Thomas, tucked away in the beautiful countryside of Fingal. My husband's family has farmed this land for three generations. Living in the middle of three farms, side by side, our dogs have the run of over 200 acres, woods with a stream to roam and splash in, and the bustle of a busy business to keep their days interesting. One of our daughters and her husband live beside us and can be counted on to take the dogs for a run or walk. The dogs enjoy their walks down the back lane at least twice a day, weather permitting.


Past Puppies

Our past customers have been very happy with the puppies they purchased, and wanted to share with us how obedient and cute they are. Check out the video to see what you're in for!



Narrowing down the breed of dog you think would work best for your lifestyle is the easy part. Finding a reputable and loving breeder is the hard part. I searched for a long time ensuring my dog will come from not only two intelligent and healthy parents but a loving and responsible breeder. I found Pat and Country House doodles through a friend that recently added a fur baby to their family. She truly cares for the pups like they're her own. Fergus is such an amazing dog. He has a sweet and gentle disposition - definitely a lover, not a fighter. He gets along well with other dogs and just doesn't understand why some bark at him and don't want to play! We have multiple cats and he has formed different relationships with each of them - he likes to play with and chase our youngest cat, Emmy; stays away from our grumpy cat, Ziggy; and is so gentle with our old girl, Coco - just goes to show how intelligent and insightful he is. He was very quick to train and is almost too smart for his own good! He has his spurts of high energy (what puppy doesn't!), but overall is a mellow dog. Everyday is still a work in progress and we're both growing and learning together, but I couldn't imagine life without him!

- Stephanie Hillsley

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